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What is the best thing about The River Dogs?

Charm and good looks.
Snazzy dressers.
Great tunes.
They let me sing along.
Their name has 4 syllables.
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Top Ten Links

  • LabAutopedia Music Video (50737)
    Steve from the 'Dogs wrote and produced this song and music video for the Association of Laboratory Automation. That's Mark "Dr. Blackmore" Russo picking the guitar.
  • Seaside Furniture Shop (12139)
    John Stag's other job!
  • Jack Farrell and Associates (10807)
    Need a job in the Medical Publishing field or others? Jack's real job (hopefully he clears more then he does with the Dogs!) as a "headhunter".
  • Green Iguana Studios (10793)
    Steve's production company - log in to see some samples. Audio/Video/Graphics Design for less.
  • Matt Carafello's Latest Drum Solo! (9323)
    He's 13 years-old and still rocking!
  • Dr. Blackmore! (8791)
    Mark Russo, Paul Kostyk & Larry Chiappelli star in this chilling suspense film made by Steve in 1976!
  • Mike Scardino Personal Page (880)
    Drummer for "The Sleeping Revolt" & "The Radio Edit" and Steve & Donna's eldest boy!
  • Camp Jam (697)
    Kids and Adult Rock and Roll Camps - Spend the weekend and rock out with Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel's Drummer), Jeff Carlisi (38 Special) Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett), Derek St Holmes (Ted Nugent), and other fantastic musicians. Be a rock star for a weekend! John Stag tested and approved!
  • Allentown Freedom Fest Fair (681)
    New Jersey's best fair, with an appearance by The River Dogs.
  • Hoi Polloi (675)
    Some friends in the music biz. If they are playin' in your neighborhood (and we're not) check them out for a great time!

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